Inside the front cover of   The Noah Option:

“Dr. Washington, I have a warrant for your arrest and a message for you.”  He flashed an FBI badge in one hand and handed her a cell phone with the other.

 Speechless, she put the phone to her ear.  “Dr. Washington, you will now regret that you released your so-called super-seeds to feed the people of the third world . . .”

Seeds that can end world hunger . . . An extremist group and their government cronies try to destroy the new super-seeds. Brilliant and beautiful botanist Dr. Grace Washington struggles to get the seeds into the hands of hard-working farmers in the third world.

An agonizing decision . . . When Grace is arrested on false charges, she faces an impossible choice: go to jail or destroy her life’s work, the seeds that could save millions of lives.

An economic tsunami of political corruption and control engulfs the entire nation, choking the daily lives and livelihoods of friends in her small home town.  Grace and her ally, software genius Isaiah Mercury, realize they have to do something drastic, something their opponents don’t expect, something radical . . .

They begin a countdown to a daring plan . . .
The Noah Option

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